Ride for Duart

One man. One bicycle. One ancestral castle in Scotland.

Ian MacLean — from Tidnish, Nova Scotia, Canada — is an enthusiast for all things Maclean, and for history in general.

“I thought that if a portly 73-year-old was prepared to cycle 400 kilometres to raise money for Duart, that this might inspire others: other Macleans, and those interested in preserving history, to assist in its restoration.”

The Ride will begin on June 13th, and, weather permitting, will end on June 19th. Ian has put together a dedicated team to support this fundraiser and he has been in training for many months to get into shape. Due to heavy snowy weather conditions, this hasn’t been easy and for many periods Ian has had to train indoors.

Ian will leave from Tidnish Cross Roads in Nova Scotia, and travel via the Scottish settled coast of Nova Scotia to the cairn of Lachlan MacLean in Washabuck, Cape Breton.

Along the way, there will be stops at Maclean and Scottish sites, with events where Ian will share a presentation and slide show on Duart Castle and show souvenirs of Duart Castle.

The Duart Castle Restoration Appeal is asking clans people worldwide to support Canadian Ian MacLean and follow his journey on the following facebook page:


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Please visit http://clanmacleanatlantic.org/ride/ to learn more about The Ride for Duart and to find out how YOU can do your part!