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Two clans and a marriage in deep waters……

A wronged woman’s voice is reclaimed in this gripping tale of revenge and romance; a “medieval Gone Girl”

Highland Scotland was no place for a woman in the early 1500s. Life was turbulent, brutal and short. Chiefs waged war, while their sisters and daughters were traded as pawns in marriage. Catherine Campbell was one such young bride, betrothed to Lachlan Maclean and despatched from her fine home to join him on the Isle of Mull, to bear his sons and heirs.

But Lachlan proved to be nothing like the man of Catherine’s dreams, and she was forced to resign herself to enduring life with him for the sake of duty….Until the day when he threatened to take away the one thing she couldn’t sacrifice: her daughter.

Casting a fascinating light on the ruthless clan system, this compelling drama by one of Scotland’s best -loved novelists explores love, ambition, betrayal and revenge and highlights the precarious position of 16th century women.

The Author: Sue Lawrence is the author of gripping historical thrillers that cast fascinating light on the perils and injustice that characterised woman’s lives in Scotland through centuries past – whether they were born into penniless or powerful families. She is also one of the UK’s leading cookery writers and broadcasters.

Having trained as a journalist, she won BBC’s MasterChef in 1991 and become a food writer, Cookery Editor of the Sunday Times and a regular contributor to many leading magazines, and she appears frequently on BBC’s Radio 4’s Kitchen Cabinet.

Born in Dundee, she was raised in Edinburgh, where she now lives.

“The wronged lady finally has her say….one of the strangest and most disturbing stories to have emerged from Scotland’s Jacobite past” The Times

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