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HEATHER GEMS VARIOUS…please choose number which corresponds to the descriptions below. Please note colour choice if photos show a variety of colours. Colours include, green, red, mauve or mixed

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Bringing our shop to you…end of season stocks of beautiful Heather Gems

Heather Gems are handcrafted from the stems of Scottish heather, renowned for its purple bloom. The heather is collected from the Scottish hills. The stems are then dried, shotblasted to remove the bark and dyed various colours. Stems of different colours are mixed and compressed into a block.

The heather block is then cut into slices and individual pieces are cut, sanded and shaped by skilled craftworkers before being lacquered to give the final finish.

Heathergems are made by local people using local materials produced in a wide variety of designs. Due to the nature of the process no two heathergems are the same making it a very individual personal gift and a beautiful reminder of our Scottish landscape.

Many pieces are set into either stirling silver or silver plated finish.

I have provided several photographs of the range we have on offer, if you would like prices of any unlisted item please email Anne Clothier at  giftshop@duartcastle.com

Current listings – Tree of life range –

One – Bracelet HBA24 silver plated £23.20

Two – Brooch HB79 silver plated £30.00

Three – Ring HR10 silver plated £17.50

Four – Large Pendant HP100 silver plated £30.00

Five – Earring SE49 stirling silver – £43.00

Six – Small Pendant SP437 stirling silver £39.60

Seven – Highland Coo Brooch HB76 silver plated £28.00

Eight – Stud Earrings SE8 sterling silver £19.50

If the photos show a variety of colours please give preference in the order notes.


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