Genealogy of the Clan Maclean


Genealogy of the Clan Maclean


For all interested in the history and ancestry of the Clan Maclean. Available now through the Duart on-line bookstore.

This is the 3rd  edition of the Clan Maclean, published in November 2021 and spanning 970 years from Old Dubhghall of Scone. Completely reformatted for easier reference. This edition extends the family from 27 to 30 generations of Old Dubhghall’s descendants, including the Clan Maclean of Duart and the Clan MacLaine of Lochbuie, and their cadet houses.

This is the first work to try and reconcile all of the sources for Maclean genealogy, and to include, besides the lines of the Chiefs, collateral branches as they spread throughout the world.

Included are some histories of the origins of the Clan as scholars in the ancient Kingdom of Dalriada, and long before they dominated the Isle of Mull they were the Lords of Knapdale. Unexpectedly, the disaster that was the Black Plague actually was a benefit to the growth of the power and prestige of the Clan. This work contains brief histories of pivotal Clan events. For example, the Clan fought at Inverkeithing and was decimated to the point that they could not protect their homeland of Mull. The Clan fought on the losing side for Bonnie Prince Charlie. The result of these two events was the Maclean Diaspora that sent Clan members throughout the world.

A complicating factor for all who attempt a Maclean genealogy is that inter-clan marriages were the norm, rather than the exception. There were many Maclean chieftains, that were sub-chiefs under the Chief Maclean of Duart or Lochbuie, that owned or controlled property stretching from Inverness, down throughout the Great Glen, Mull, Tiree, Coll, Muck, and many smaller islands off the western shore of Scotland. These chieftains can all be traced back to various Chiefs of Duart or Lochbuie. The families of those chieftains intermarried on a regular basis.

The research for this book has made it obvious that the Macleans, MacDonalds, Campbells, McLeods and Stewart clans are very intermingled. One cannot be descended from one without being descended from them all.

The Macleans are descended from King Robert the Bruce of Scotland, and through him from much of British and French Royalty.


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